What Makes a Good Website?

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Nowadays, virtually every business imaginable has a website, social media, and fairly strong online presence, no matter how big or small they may be. A website in the business world nowadays, is as common as a telephone number.

Years ago, though, websites were viewed as luxuries deemed only beneficial for a very select few businesses. As technology became more advanced, and things began to progress, however, more and more business owners saw the potential in having a website, and they hopped on board.

Nowadays, with free web design software a click away, and various ‘how-to’ videos available to stream online, seemingly everybody is an expert in web design. Except they aren’t.

Sure, anybody can design a free website themselves in a bid to save themselves some money, but ultimately, it will ironically wind up costing them more when they have to hire the professionals to give their website the overhaul it so desperately needs.

If your business needs a website overhaul, here’s a look at what makes a good website.


The first thing any web developer will tell you that your website needs is clarity.

In the business world, a website is one of the primary commodities any business could wish for. It is there, hopefully running 24/7, helping to spread brand awareness, open up communications, and possibly even make you money.

When it comes to an efficient website, though, clarity is essential. What do we mean by that? Well, visitors to your site need to be clear about where they are, who you are, and what your business is all about.

Use clear and concise text and layouts, and ensure that you portray the message you want to portray as simply and as clearly as possible.

Modern design

Technology, as you are probably aware, is advancing at an astonishing rate. Because of this, website layouts and designs that were once considered modern, are now becoming obsolete and outdated.

One reason to hire a web development expert is the fact that they will be able to offer your website a modern and updated design and layout.

Hard-to-read walls of text, and endless photo galleries and images that were once in fashion are now outdated.

Instead, you want minimal text, an easy-to-navigate layout, and neutral colours that aren’t distracting or overwhelming.

Mobile optimization

These days, with more than 75% of the population owning a smartphone, there really is no excuse for having a website that is NOT mobile optimized.

If your website isn’t mobile optimized, you might as well just start turning potential customers away right now as there is no easier way to alienate visitors to your website.

You’ve probably visited a non-optimized website on your mobile phone beforehand, and if so, you’ll know how excruciatingly frustrating it is to perform even the simplest of tasks.

Put simply, if, in the year 2020, your website is not mobile optimized, get with the times and get it rectified asap.

Important contact info

Finally, the last thing you need to ensure that your website has is your contact info.

Your business is there to help spread brand awareness, to advertise your business and products/services, and maybe even to act as a virtual extension of your bricks and mortar business.

With that said, you’d be amazed by just how many businesses fail to include contact info on their websites.

In an easy-to-locate part of each page, include phone numbers, email addresses, and links to various social media pages.

Remember to clearly include this info as the customers do not want to go on a scavenger hunt trying to locate a telephone number to get in contact with you.




Graphic & Web designer online Tutor, teaching at blueskygraphics.co.uk and an owner of digweb.co

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Graphic & Web designer online Tutor, teaching at blueskygraphics.co.uk and an owner of digweb.co

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